CS Leak Reporter Cloud solution - for LD 500/510

The CS Leak Reporter Cloud Solution combines the functionalities of the CS Leak Reporter V2 with a browser-based cloud system.

The CS Leak Reporter Cloud Solution combines the functionalities of the CS Leak Reporter V2 with a browser-based cloud system.

CS Leak Reporter Cloud solution - for LD 500/510

Multiuser System - Advantages of the Cloud Solution

  • No more installation required – login with username and password via browser, so you have access to your data anytime and anywhere and your IT department is not needed to install the software on your computer or to perform updates.
  • One central database - Each user always accesses the current database, additionally the data security is higher due to automatic data backups
  • Multiuser system - For each user you can individually define which data he/she has access to, and which functions he/she is allowed to use

For whom is the Cloud Solution the right solution?

Professional service provider:

You work for a service provider (compressed air or pneumatic dealer or energy consultant) uand offer your customers professional leak detection and repair. With the Cloud Solution, you can give your customers access to their data and coordinate your own staff.

Global corporation:

You work for a company with several locations and want to compare or connect them. Then you can replicate the organization’s hierarchical structure of the locations. The individual locations can work independently. Additionally, it is still possible to generate cross-location users (controlling from HQ) or to invite external service providers to the cloud, for example.

Test the Leak Reporter Cloud Solution software for free

  1. Click on the following link www.leak-reporter.com
  2. Register with your e-mail address
  3. Activate the test license and create your test orgranization
  4. Now you can test the software for 30 days

For both applications you can use Cloud solution to create automated leakage reports with just a few clicks after importing the leakage data documented with the LD 500 or LD 510 leakage meter.

Advantages of the CS Leak Reporter Cloud solution at a glance

  • Automated reports PDF (link to report) - or Excel report including CO2 emissions, energy costs per year and leak rate per leakage and as a sum
  • Creation of LD 500 database (measuring point and fault description) via Leak Reporter Cloud solution
  • Uncomplicated import of data from LD 500 via USB stick
  • List of companies for which compressed air leakage data has been imported
  • Filing of imported leaks as a single project in the audited company
  • Structured and clear data filing, e.g., one project per quarter:
    Q1 2021, Q2 2021, Q3 2021, Q4 2021.
  • In addition, you can freely move or copy leakages between companies, buildings, and projects
  • Adjustment of the made parameters in LD 500 via the project master data
  • Each leakage can be edited individually

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