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Dew Point Services
IMAGE: Mobile dew point meters with data logger; Quick installation by means of measuring chamber and quick coupling
Dew Point Meter Services

Air Measurement Technology can provide onsite dewpoint monitoring on your plants compressed air system. If undetected water will saturate a compressed air system causing damage to machinery, manufacturing disruption due to equipment downtime, spoilt and scrap products. Regular dewpoint testing will help to avoid machinery repair costs, loss of production and alert you to inefficient or faulty air treatment equipment.

The Benefits of an installed dewpoint sensor:-

  • Protects critical manufacturing processes
  • Safeguards product quality
  • Precise measurement down to -80oC
  • Quick response to moisture contamination
  • Integrated data logger and USB interface
  • Produce detailed reports for QA auditing purposes

A dewpoint meter service exchange or calibration service are also provided.

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  • DP 500
  • FA 510
  • FA 515
  • FA 550
  • FA 500
  • DS 400 Set
  • DS 52 Desiccant
  • DS 52 Refrigeration

Dew Point

Dew point meters and measurement tools
The choice of the correct measuring device is decisive for correct dew point measurement and humidity measurement in compressed air and gas. Our measurement technology experts will be happy to help you find the right measuring device to measure and monitor your system's dew point.


Application: Monitoring Compressed Breathing Air
Breathing air in the compressed form has to meet limit values for chemical components such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide as well as requirements for water and oil content. We recommend these products.

Dew Point Calibration

Click the button below to download a PDF on calibration of Dew Point Meters

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